Science Energy!

We’ve had some awesome experiments happen this term, more than one would expect, so for today’s science lessons, we’re going to use the following links to play some games, read and learn!

Some reading and knowledge about energy

More reading about energy

Energy game to explore and play

Term 4: “The Theory of Everything”

Welcome back, parents and students. This Term at Fitzroy North Primary School our inquiry unit will be focusing on Science with the following topics to be investigated and explored:

  • Chemical Changes and Reactions
  • Light & Energy

Following on from our Immersion task in Term 3, which involved the students in the process of unpacking their prior knowledge and generating their wondering and questions about the topic, we co-produced the following BIG questions:


Light Energy Inventions Material Changes Scientific Understandings Chemistry
How is light created?

Why do we need light?

How is energy generated?

What would happen without energy?

Can inventions change the world?

Are all inventions useful?

What invention has most benefited humans?

How do materials change?

Can all materials change?

How do scientific understandings and inventions benefit us? How do we use chemistry in our daily life?


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Parent Survey

Term 3 Speaking and Listening Task Two

Parent Survey – School of Life

This is your SECOND Term 3 Speaking and Listening Presentation Task. You will be required to INTERVIEW an adult in your family and ask them a series of questions.

You will need to record your answers and present your collected information to the class. You can present the information in any way you choose e.g. written form, a slideshow, a poster, an audio recording, a voice recording etc. Be creative!


  1. When and where was your first job?
  2. Why did you start working?
  3. Where did you live when you first moved out of home? Did you have roomates?
  4. What job did you have when you lived out of home?
  5. How did you budget your money for food, rent etc?
  6. What did you study after high school?
  7. How did you decide what career path you wanted to take?
  8. How did you achieve work/life balance?
  9. What are your favourite memories from that time in your life?

All presentations will be in Weeks 9 and 10. A schedule for presentations will be created by your class teacher. This will be placed on Google Classroom.

Goodluck and ENJOY!