Origami Cranes

On Wednesday the Grade 5/6 students took a short walk to a local art space to support fellow student Phoebe and view her Origami Crane Installation. Phoebe had the chance to explain the project to her peers and answer questions about crane making and what inspires her. Students were then able to examine the 692 cranes on display and read the many wishes on the wishing wall. Congratulations Phoebe! It was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Goth Girl

Tired of all those books about a fairy princess saved by some handsome prince or those books with all those bright colours that are supposed to be aimed at a certain gender? You know the ones…well so are we so it’s great to introduce Goth Girl by Chris Riddell. A book series for all types of readers who just love good and exciting books with a strong lead character that isn’t just into fairies, looking pretty and bright colours.


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